Resources for Personal Growth

A series of Videos to support your Emotional Well-being.

Counselling Riviera is offering some Guided Visualisations and Meditations to help you to ground yourself during difficult times, to balance your emotions, find your strength and optimism and clear your mind.

There are also some videos on Loneliness and Isolation, as well as other topics. Please feel free to use these and share them with your friends.

We are also featuring some panel discussions of the Holistic Team at The English Osteopath Clinic, of whom Madeleine is a member, giving useful tips and hints for the Coronavirus Lockdown.

Welcome to Counselling Riviera‘s free Wellbeing Resources.

Welcome to Counselling Riviera – and an Introduction to the Elements Model for Emotional and Spiritual Growth.
A short Wellbeing Meditation on the Elements Earth, Water, Fire and Air to help you ground, be in touch with your Emotions, your Inner Guidance and Optimism – and to clear your Mind, reducing Stress and Anxiety.
Loneliness during Lockdown: This Talk by Counselling Riviera’s Therapist Madeleine Böcker is aimed at people who really struggle with Loneliness and want to go deeper in to this topic. Madeleine is contextualising and normalising Loneliness, looking at its roots and giving some tips
This Guided Visualization on Loneliness is designed to help us to connect with our feelings of being alone, isolated and abandoned – which is an Existential Experience everyone will go through to varying degrees at some point in their lives – and to find a place of calm, space, peace and emotional well-being. It is not a ‘magical trick’, it might not work as an absolute, nor first time… it is a gentle offering on the path of making friends with yourself, of developing self-compassion – on your path of Emotional and Spiritual Wellbeing.
How to avoid gaining weight: the team is giving advice on how not to put on too much weight during lockdown from a psychological, practical, nutritional point of view, giving tips on emotional regulation, self-compassion, fasting – or not, blood-sugar regulation, mindful eating and healthy nutrition. The panel comprises your Well-Being Experts from the @EnglishOstopath Clinic in Monaco and Antibes, including our therapist and counsellor Madeleine from Counselling Riviera.

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