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Madeleine Bocker, MA, Dip.Psych, MBACP, Dip.Supervision is a UKCP accredited Therapist, Counsellor, Clinical Supervisor and Marriage Counsellor working at the Cote d’Azur. She has a long-standing interest in all matters psychological and is passionate about her work. When reading on her journey below, be assured that Madeleine’s main concern at all times is You. Whatever you bring to the sessions, whatever you need, is the most important aspect of our work together…

Madeleine’s extensive training allows her to meet each client as an individual, allowing her to custom-tailor her work to what you might need at any given moment. Madeleine loves working with people and sees it as a path of service, helping people to heal their wounds and to move forward into un-foldment of their unique personality and emotional well-being.

In the early 1990s, Madeleine, during her student years, worked as an ‘Aids-Buddy’, supporting two gay man dying from Aids throughout the last year of their lives, in Bremen, Germany. She had felt the need to step up against the marginalisation of gay men – and during the work felt her heart open more and more and she discovered her ability and willingness to be with people in deep despair.
She then moved to the UK, where she obtained a BA (Hons.) and an MA, drawing in her dissertations on psychoanalytic and cultural theory.

CCPE, UK's foremost integrative, transpersonal Psychotherapy Centre

The CCPE in London, where Madeleine did her UK-Psychotherapy Training 2002 – 2006. Since 2015 she has been a member of the Teaching Staff.

Later, Madeleine undertook a four-year in-depth training as a Psychotherapist and Counsellor at the CCPE (Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education), where she is now honoured to be a member of the faculty. The CCPE is the foremost Integrative, Transpersonal psychotherapy training institution in the UK.

Being a trainer of young Psychotherapists keeps Madeleine in touch with academic research, while deepening and enriching her private practice. (A small note of caution: Psychotherapists trained in the UK are not eligible under French Law to call themselves Psychotherapists at present and therefore tend to refer to themselves as Counsellors and Therapists for their work in France.)

Madeleine is fully qualified and insured to work in France and refers to herself for her work in France as Therapist and Counsellor throughout this site, not advertising herself as a Psychotherapist.

Other stops on her therapeutic journey include working for a Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Centre in York for two years and a private Psychiatric Hospital in York for six years, which proved to be invaluable experiences, working with challenging client groups and a multi-disciplinary team. During this time, Madeleine co-facilitated Art Therapy, Drama Therapy and Mindfulness as well as Therapy groups.

For the last twelve years, Madeleine has worked in private practice in Maida Vale, London. Her approach is Integrative/Transpersonal, drawing on a wide tool-kit, including CBT, Mindfulness, Person-centred Counselling, Imago Couple’s Counselling, Jungian Alchemy and Dreamanalysis, Family Constellations, Gestalt, Bodywork and psychodynamic theory. She is delighted to now work on the French Riviera as well.

Madeleine is a trained  BACP and UKCP Clinical Supervisor, supervising Psychotherapists, Psychologists and Counsellors from various modalities. She is also a Founder-member of the UKCP Transpersonal Special Interest Group and a member of the Steering Group.

In her spare time, Madeleine occasionally runs workshops and likes to write on a variety of topics, from film to couple’s relationships. For more on this please go to the Counselling Riviera in the Media page.


In the unlikely event that you wish to read more on My Background as Therapist and Counsellor, please cf. my UK site for now.

To find out more on How I Work, please see my UK page for my theoretical Approach to Counselling.

Finally, I also have specialised Trauma Therapy Training, as recommended by the UK NICE guidelines – for more info on this, please also go to my UK page EMDR in London.

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