Fees and Frequently Asked Questions

Counselling in Monaco

How long do the sessions last and what are your fees?

Sessions last for 50 minutes, unless otherwise negotiated, and are charged at €100 (HT) in the day-time, at €115 (HT) from 5pm onwards. Longer Counselling and Therapy sessions are charged pro rata. Couple’s sessions are €120 (HT) in the day-time and €135 (HT) from 5pm onwards for 50 mins, though many couples choose to book longer appointments, which, then, are also charged pro rata. (Please note: Counselling Riviera is registered for TVA (VAT) – FR 53881458640 – and all therapy fees attract an extra 20% of TVA.)

How do I start my Therapy with you?

Usually, we arrange a first meeting, during which you get to know me a little bit, how I work, and you can see whether you trust me. Equally, as you tell me what brings you to seek out counselling, I will get a sense of how we need to work together with the issues you bring.

There is no obligation to continue after the first session. It is really important that you feel you are with the right person for you.

If you do wish to continue working with me, we would then take a long, in-depth history over the next few sessions, so that we have a solid foundation for our work together. You might want to work in a solution-focused, cognitive way…or you might wish to explore your dreams… or work with the body… or work creatively – we will see together what suits you best. Unless agreed otherwise, counselling is open-ended, with a minimum of four sessions’ notice for the ending period to conclude our journey together, when you feel ready to strike out by yourself again.

What is your Modality?

Time and time again, research has shown that the theoretical outlook of the Therapist is far less important than the quality of the relationship between client and therapist. Thus, I aim to provide a warm, safe and reflective space for you to explore your thoughts and feelings in depth. My style is relational. My training is Integrative/Transpersonal. This is a holistic approach, aiming to work with Mind, Body, Heart and Soul. After initial fears, often people find this way of working very rewarding, even fun. From my integrative tool-box, I will draw on approaches from Mindfulness over Person-Centred and Gestalt approaches to CBT, Jungian Alchemy, Transgenerational Family Constellations, Imago and Psychodynamic interventions. Often work is long-term and open-ended, but some people prefer short-term Solution-Focused therapy, which can be of great help, too.
The Transpersonal embraces people’s suffering as times of break-through towards personal and spiritual growth. There is no shame. No feeling, no thought is ‘too silly’ or ‘too heavy’. This is your space. We are travelling together.
Your spiritual perspective – or absence of spirituality – are honoured at all times. There is no ‘preaching’. Your are welcome to explore your dreams (but don’t worry if you don’t remember them). Life is seen as meaningful.

Counselling for Personal Growth, in France and on Skype.

Spring Blossoms – symbolic of our Personal Unfoldment in Therapy, as the Heart begins to open…

Where do you work on the French Riviera? Do you provide Online therapy/Counselling as well?

Therapy is available face-to-face in Beausoleil, just outside Monaco, on Mondays, or on Skype/Facetime the rest of the week.
I have many years’ of experience of providing therapy and supervision online on Skype or FaceTime and my clients have found it very helpful. Yes, it might seem a bit technical to set up, but actually within a few minutes of starting we will probably both have forgotten that we are not in the same room. This is great for people with busy schedules or people who travel a lot.
Sounds odd? I know, but from experience we know how well it works. Book a free “25 minute Taster” – and we will see!

How about confidentiality?

The content of all sessions is strictly confidential, (unless a client would pose a danger to themselves or others).

Do you adhere to a specific ethical code?

Madeleine works in keeping with the BACP and UKCP ethical codes.

What is your cancellation period?

My cancellation period is one week, if you give me less notice than this, I will do my best to reschedule with you in the same week without an extra charge, however, if this is not possible, the full fee is applicable.

Counselling Riviera, your friendly Therapy and Counselling Service for the Côte d′Azur, Nice, Cannes, Alpes Maritimes and Monaco as well as Online by Skype or FaceTime world-wide. 


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